Your Tailored Service Plan

Let’s face it, when you jump on your bike, the last thing you want to think about is the cost of maintaining it. That’s why we sit down with you and work out how you intend to use your bike, and the amount of mileage you expect to cover. So if your bike is outside of its manufacturer’s warranty, we can create a tailored service plan based around the level of servicing you require and to suit your budget. We can even add in additional parts, such as brake pads, if you know you’ll need them. To get your Tailored Service Plan, contact your local dealer.

An example of a four year plan for a small motorcycle/scooter covering 2,500 miles per annum
Year Service Additional Items
1 Level 1 Health Check
MOT with service
Recall check
Air filter
2 Level 3 Health Check
MOT with service
Recall check
Front pads
3 Level 1 Health Check
MOT with service
Recall check
Spark plugs
4 Level 4 Health Check
MOT with service
Recall check
Belt and rollers
Levels of service - Pick and choose the levels you want to include in your plan
Items Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4

1. Lubricate & adjust free play on drive chain

2. Brake/Clutch fluid level inspection

3. Tyre tread depth inspection


4. Tyre pressure check

5. Wheel bearing play inspection



6. Wheel rim condition inspection

7. Drive chain and sprockets inspection 

8. Wheel alignment inspection

9. Brake light operation


10. Front brake visual inspection

11. Rear brake visual inspection

12. Brake free play inspection


13. Head stock bearings inspect and adjust

14. Swingarm play inspection

15. Visual fluid leak inspection

16. Front fork inspection

17. Rear suspension inspection

18. Gear change linkage inspection


19. Exhaust system inspection


20. External clutch operation inspection

21. Lights/Horn inspection


22. Throttle operation inspection

23. Engine oil replacement

24. Oil filter replacement

25. Idle speed inspection

26. Final drive oil level inspect and top up

27. Lubricate general pivot points

28. Side stand switch operation inspection

29. Coolant inspect & top up if required

30. Drive chain clean and adjustment

31. Crankcase breather inspection

32. Service brake calipers and pad pins

33. Air filter inspection and clean if reusable

34. Final drive oil replacement


35. Fuel line inspection

36. Coolant system hoses inspection

37. Spark plugs inspection

38. Carb balance/Synchronise starter valves

39. Spark plugs replacement

40. Check and adjust valve clearances 

41. Replacement of hydraulic fluids

42. Replacement of coolant

43. Road test

Terms & Conditions

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