Geared Training Taster Sessions £19.95

Who is the course for?

  • Those wanting to take a geared CBT rather than an automatic CBT but has not used gears before.
  • Anybody who has an automatic CBT but wants to ride a geared bike.
  • Anybody who is thinking about getting into motorcycling, but isn’t quite sure if it is for them.

An instructor will be at hand at all times and will guide you through your new geared biking experience at a pace suitable for you. We will take you to our training facility where you will have the chance to try out a bike in safe conditions and will be taught the basic skills needed to control and ride a motorcycle without the pressure of going on the road.

The Price includes:

  • Full clothing hire
  • Bike Hire
  • Insurance
  • Petrol
  • Tuition

We introduced these taster sessions to help novice riders comfortably complete a geared 125 CBT. Having a good knowledge of how to control the motorcycle before taking a CBT course makes it much less stressful and most importantly much safer. We now insist that all true novice riders attend a geared training taster session before they take a geared CBT course although we are still prepared for novices on automatics complete a CBT in one day without a Taster session first.

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