Thu, 14 Nov 2019

VFR800 Power! A Honda N600 With a Difference

VFR800 Power! A Honda N600 With a Difference

It’s not a bike, but it is a Honda and it’s beating heart has been taken straight from none other than the VFR800.

Back in 1969 the N600s was the first Honda car to be sold in the U.S, previously only motorcycles had made it over. This may explain why even the original N600s featured what was essentially a motorcycle engine that could rev right up to 9,000 rpm. This little powerplant could launch the vehicle right up to 81mph.

So, it’s not surprising that someone would have the idea to convert the classic into a road munching bike powered Honda legend. Following in the footsteps that the superbike engine Mini Z-Cars have in the past, this restored N600s now features a modern V-4 VFR800 engine that can rev right up to 12,000 rpm and producing around 107 horsepower. The original engine was only good for 36 horse power, so it’s a sizeable step up.

Other modifications include the conversation from front to rear wheel drive, flared arches, minilite wheels, a tripped down interior and a beautiful classic Honda championship white paint job.

It’s no wonder this imaginative custom build won the top prize at the first ever Honda Super-Tuner Legends show.