Tue, 30 Jul 2019

The 2020 ADV 150 – an X-ADV for the City

Honda maximised the capabilities of the conventional scooter with the X-ADV. The bike took the normal scooter format and prepped it for adventure. Now they’ve taken a step back with the new ADV 150, a bike built on a very similar platform to its older brother, the X-ADV 750. The current X-ADV is a go-anywhere scooter, built to push the limits of what a scooter is capable of. The new ADV 150 retains much of the styling and technology, wrapped up in a city friendly package and it could be heading for the UK in the future.

Although the new ADV 150 wont pack as big a punch as the larger X-ADV 750, it is still primed with an engine good for 14.2bhp at 8,500rpm. The bike only weighs 133kg, making the power to weight ratio ideal for zipping in and out of city traffic.

The wheels are smaller too, with a 14” rim on the front and 13” on the back, both fitted with disc brakes. This will ensure a nimble and responsive ride, ideal for the urban environment. For now the bike is set to be released only in Asia, but there’s no reason to think it couldn’t make it over to the UK in the future as the demand for urban-slick motorcycles increases.