Mon, 09 Jul 2018

Plans for a 1000cc Honda Rebel Revealed

Patent drawings leaked revealing plans for a larger engines Honda Rebel
Engine to be derived from the Africa Twin Engine
Rumours suggest that it’s to be unveiled this year

Honda’s plan to introduce a larger engine Honda Rebel to the range has been leaked across the internet, showing that the bike will borrow the 1000cc unit form the legendary Africa twin.

This classicality style cruiser is currently available with two engines, a single cylinder 300cc and a twin cylinder 500cc. The bikes prove popular to mid-level riders and smaller riders, offering a comfortable low seating position that allows riders to sit flat footed at the lights.

Now a Japanese media house managed to get a hold of some patent drawings of a larger class version of the easy rider. From the drawings, it’s pretty evident that the powertrain has been sourced from the Dakar destroying Africa Twin.

Although the styling has largely remained the same as the smaller bikes, the 1000cc bike has an LED headlamp similar to the GB1000TT concept. Sources expect that a prototype will be reviled later this year at the Tokyo Motor Show with models hitting the showroom towards the end of 2019.

1000cc Honda Rebel Revealed