Thu, 14 Nov 2019

New Honda CB4X Concept Bike

A new Inline-4 crossover motorcycle from Honda’s design team

Honda have continued their 5-year run of having impressive bikes on display in the Design Studio area of EICMA. This time they brought a new type of motorcycle, an inline-4 crossover.

What is it? It’s a design exercise from Valerio Aiello’s talented team of creatives. The bike takes inspiration from the idea of ‘Fun Seven Days a Week’, taking snippets of sports, adventure, touring and other areas of motorcycling. This bike was built to explore the modern world and push boundaries doing it.

The styling as you’d guess is a mish-mash of everything and perfectly reflects the contrasts between the riding styles it’s capable of handling, from winding tarmac roads to urban commutes.



What powers it? There was only one engine fit for the job and one that’s become a signature of the Honda wing, the inline-4.According to Honda: “The fuel tank hunches forward, like a cobra ready to attack its prey, while the screen is fully adjustable and integrates into the fairing.”

The bike sits on a 17” front wheel with an aluminium subframe underpinning the sharp scorpion like tail. Up front daytime running lights sit menacingly next to a diamond like headlight.

The Honda CB4X is an idea dedicated to those riders who live for sports riding – but don't want to give up the possibility of relaxing, two-up travel experiences whenever or wherever.