Fri, 23 Mar 2018

How To Guide: Emergency Keyless Start

This is your step by step guide to start your bike in the event of a lost or stolen key.

Emergency keyless start is a feature that is becoming more common on Honda bikes as new models come out. At the moment the feature is only available on the Forza 125, the SH300, the SH125i and the X-ADV

  1. Locate your emergency key and serial number. (Your serial number will be located in your handbook)
  2. Access the emergency key input location but removing the panel in the leg fairing (this is based on SH300, emergency key input locations may vary)
  3. Slot the key in and twist, this should activate the seat lock release.
  4. Locate the bikes tool kit (fastened to the underside of the seat on the SH300)
  5. Find your emergency connector in the tool kit (looped wire with blue plastic connecter)
  6. Access the bikes battery. (on the SH300 you will need to remove the floor panel with a screw driver to access the battery)
  7. Tucked away next to the battery will be two wires taped together, undo the tape to expose he blue plastic connector.
  8. Remove the cap off from the blue connector using the pinch release clip,
  9. Fit the emergency connector from the tool kit to the blue connector, this should engage the bikes power supply and the blue ignition light will come on.
  10. Once the light has flashed once, you can enter the serial number by pushing the ignition button
  11. Push the button in once for the number 1, twice for the number two, and so on. For a zero, just leave the button until it flashes and then proceed to the next number in the sequence.
  12. After entering a number, wait for the light to flash, this means the number has been entered. After the flash, enter your next number and repeat until the entire serial number has been entered.
  13. When the full number has been entered, the light will start to flash, now you can remove the emergency connector and put the blue cap back on the wire.
  14. The bike can then be turned on as normal by engaging the ignition.

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