Tue, 27 Nov 2018

Hoverbikes: Dubai police look to upgrade their fleet.

Dubai police are training to use hoverbikes – as if Bugatti and Lamborghini squad cars weren’t enough! The machines are supplied by a Californian company called Hoversurf.

When ridden properly, these 2019 S3 hoverbikes can fly at 60mph at a height of 5 metres from the ground and weigh just 114kg. Made from carbon fibre, these futuristic machines feature auto take off, auto landing and altitude hold capabilities. They can also be operated remotely.

The current model has a maximum flight time of around 15-20 minutes, but providing technology moves on, the Dubai police force aim to be using them by 2020 as first response vehicles in hard to reach areas.
The price tag on one of these hoverbikes is around £116,000 , so you’re probably better off sticking to a Honda motorcycle…