Thu, 06 Sep 2018

Hot rumour: Fireblade to be heavily updated for 2019

After a couple of years on the market and on our roads, it's speculated that the Honda Fireblade is due to receive yet another upgrade towards the end of the year, according to rumours simmering away on the internet. Sources include MCN, and many other news outlets.

Various articles on line explain that after having worked closely with their factory racing teams, Honda will heavily revise the Fireblade for a November debut at this year's EICMA. The bike is expected to be boosted up by 10hp as well as making aerodynamic and tech revisions throughout the bike.
At the unveiling of the Fireblade as we know it today, Honda’s project leader Masatoshi Sato said: "We could easily give the bike 200bhp; we could give it 300bhp if we wanted, but we think it’s the lack of weight people want to feel more."

Increasing the powerplant by 10bhp is achievable without having to mess around with the architecture of the engine. It is expected that Honda will also standardise the engine rather than having one unit for the blade and SP and then another for the SP2.
In addition to the power increase, the bike could feature a redesigned fairing to help with top-end speed as well as front-end grip throughout high-speed bends.

As usual, we know very little about any projects Honda have in the works as they play their cards so close to their chest! Watch this space for more info as the rumours hopefully come to fruition!