Thu, 02 Aug 2018

Honda new V4 Superbike is in the works

In recent years the V4 has been the engine of choice and manufacturers have been putting all their resources into developing this new segment of sports bike. Word on the street is that Honda will be the next manufacturer to follow suit with Ducati and Aprilia, debuting their new V4 at this year’s EICMA show.

Sources have confirmed that the engine will not be a re-hashed version of the VFR1200 engine and will not be a diluted version of the mighty RC213V-S but will, in fact, be built on its own new platform.

Honda has had this bike in the works for years now with a similar concept being bought out in 2008 at the Intermot Saloon in Germany. They’ve been taking their time to develop the perfect V4 monster. Something that can comfortably take on the likes of Norton’s, Ducati’s and Aprilia’s V4s.

A decade on from the Concept in 2008, Honda have filed patents and designs for the new V4 superbike. Rumours have it that the new bike will have a ‘rear wing’ and an ultra-compact 90-degree V4 engine.

Some time ago, Honda CEO Tetsuo Suzuki had hinted at looking at a version that could sit between the Fireblade and the RC213V-S that will have a better chassis setup and hand-welded frames fabricated by the same highly-skilled team that builds MotoGP machines. The patent version could also have a cast aluminium monocoque, similar to the Ducati V4. This frame will also include the airbox unit and the seat subframe with a cross-member to mount the shocks, all made with no welds.

Watch this space for more info as it develops.

Honda V4 Superbike