Tue, 19 Mar 2019

Grom Reaper: Zero Designers set to work on the MSX125

Grom Reaper: Zero Designers set to work on the MSX125

Engine swaps have always been popular with four wheeled enthusiasts, to swap the engine on a bike can be a little harder. This didn’t stop Cole Moshler from getting to work on the MSX. Col and his team decided to fit the Grom with a lithium ion power pack with more torque than a Yamaha MT-09.

When asked why he chose the MSX, Cole responded with “The stock Grom has a tiny frame and a low-performance engine,” Cole tells us. “So I saw the potential to really showcase the power and quality of the Zero drivetrain. This thing is a wheelie machine!”

The mighty Grom Reaper pushes out more than double to power of a stock MSX125, with 27bhp as apposed to 10bhp. The power-plant swap has seen torque figures increase by +800% from 8 to 66ft lbs.


The added power has only increased the top speed from 56 to 66mph, but the bike gets there much quicker. At the rear, the bike is fitted with a large 55-tooth rear sprocket which almost fills the entire 12-inch wheel.

A brand new 2017 Grom was wheeled into the shop. “Of course, we had to ride it around for a couple of weeks to benchmark it…” says Cole.

“It was actually pretty easy to sync up the Zero drivetrain. We started by stripping out the ICE parts and the stock wiring harness. The Grom has a single frame downtube, so we cleaned it up and welded additional brackets directly onto the frame.”

The final mod was to fit a sophisticated Ohlins forks with matching real shock for “a smoother riding experience” said Cole.

“My favourite part about this whole project is seeing the look on everyone’s faces once they get back from the ride,” says Cole. “It’s impossible not to smile.”