Fri, 25 Oct 2019

Friends of Norton Way Take on The Sahara!

Friends of Norton Way Take on The Sahara!

At Norton Way, we love to see our bikes ridden as they were designed to be. This submission from three of our good friends and customers is a fantastic example. Between them they’re riding a 2017 NC750X, a 2019 Africa Twin and a beautiful 1990 Africa Twin. Three noble steeds for any adventure.

What better place to test a true adventure bike than the Saharan desert and through Africa. A huge ask of any motorcycle, here’s their action report so far, sent directly from Africa:

“Finally a few days ago after many miles and hours dodging donkeys, camels, goats, sheep, mules chickens, cats and mad dogs, Or riding through rivers of rock and mud that we’re demolishing the road edge as we watched trying to decide do we wait here all night or go for it only to find another submerged crumbling section if road. Disconcerting to see the locals turn around and go back! The 2019 Africa Twin was ok but I had to wade back and ride the NC750X bike through at one point.”

“Apparently it is normal practice here to run red lights ride the wrong way up the few dual carriageways that exist, or cut through a bend in a lorry with dodgy brakes pushing you over into the gravel which covers half of what’s left of yours! The side of the road or overtake on blind bends with nauseatingly long drops down mountainsides, as your only escape route with no barriers to crush you before you hurtle off the edge. We reached the Sahara near Merzouga. Although the morning light wasn’t in our favour, we took this shot of the 3 Honda’s later. The 2019 Africa Twin, the 2017 NC750 and the 1990! Africa Twin. It took 4 people to drag the 1990 bike out of the sand the other day, so we settled for a shot on the edge of the dunes! (Which we’d slept on the previous night gazing in admiration at sunset and moonrise. The wild empty landscape stretching seemingly to infinity and beyond passing over the Algerian highlands.”

Thanks for the report guys! We wish you a safe journey and look forward to hearing more.