Motorcycle Finance

If you don’t want to pay for your motorcycle up front in a lump sum, we offer several different finance packages to spread the costs over a period of time to suit you. Packages include Personal Contract Purchase (PCP), hire purchase (HP) and personal loans.

Personal Contract Purchase (PCP)

With PCP you have the ability to choose your perfect bike along with your desired deposit amount and length of agreement. The bike is then leased from a finance company over your selected fixed term, paying a fixed monthly price. At the end of the contract, you can either return the bike to the finance company, or purchase the bike fully for the balance of what’s still owed on the bike (this is known as the GMFV – Guaranteed Minimum Future Value). The GMFV is agreed upon at the start of the arrangement and is subject to your selected mileage limit. This type of finance is great for those that like to change their bike on a regular basis and keep the monthly payments down in the process.

Personal Loan

This loan type, also known as an unsecured personal loan, is a loan that doesn’t require any collateral to put the bike against. This finance is mainly for smaller bikes and used bikes.

The loan is issued based on your credit history and personal income, assessing your ability to repay the loan through fixed monthly payments over a predetermined contract term.

Hire Purchase (HP)

Hire Purchase is the tradition finance package. This set up allows you to take the total cost of the bike, deduct the deposit amount, and spread the balance of the money owed over your chosen length of agreement. Your monthly payments are then calculated, taking the interest rate into account. When all of the payments have been made at the end of the agreement, you’ll be in full ownership of the bike.

Our finance specialists are on hand to find you your perfect package from a range of different lenders including Honda Finance, MotoNovo Finance and Black Horse Motorcycle Finance. Should your application be declined by our ‘Prime’ lender, Honda Finance, our ‘subprime’ lenders may be able to offer you finance, but potentially at a much higher typical APR rate. This may effect monthly payment figures. Subject to status.
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